Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization has always actively participated in every year during the 16 days of Activism ever since its formation. Of its most felt impact during the 16 Days of Activism is in the year 2021 where the Founder Dr. Dianah Kamande HSC, launched her book Scars of Honour. The book is based on her real-life story of how she underwent Gender Based violence where her husband of 10 years tried to kill her together with their two children.

The ordeal not only left her widowed but also with scars from a murderer’s sword. In the book she explains how she struggled through healing and reconstructed her life to become a champion of the rights of widows, orphans and women going through Gender Based Violence.

The event also gave a platform to other survivors of violence who shared their life experiences and how they underwent violence. Some of the survivors namely Ms. Janet Mwihaki whose husband apart from burning her has constantly continued to threaten her got free legal representation from FIDA-Kenya.

Also among the survivors was Ms. Connie Muuru whose daughter was brutally murdered by her boyfriend shared the ugly ordeal of how she lost her daughter through intimate partner violence. She also benefitted by getting free legal representation in court. The participants present were also able to reap some knowledge on various forms of Gender Based Violence and What different Organizations are doing to fight it, from a plenary made up of bunch of intellectuals from: FIDA-K, ANTI-FGM Board, POLICARE and Come Together Widows Orphans Organization (CTWOO).

This year Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization will be hosting 16 days of Activism events in Migori, Homabay, Kilifi and Nairobi counties. The events will be in line with this year’s 16 Days of Activism -2022 Theme which is: ‘UNITE! Activism to End Violence against women and girls.’ The events will take place as depicted in the Itinerary below:

  • Migori County – 22nd NOV 2022
  • Homabay County – 23rd NOV 2022
  • Kilifi County – 26th NOV 2022
  • Nairobi County – 10TH DEC 2022

Why Migori, Homabay, Kilifi and Nairobi?

The 16days of activism events are set to be held in the above-mentioned counties since they are amongst the counties prevalent in matters Gender Based Violence. In line with our work which revolves around widows. The Organization focuses on ending Gender Based Violence against widows. Most widows in these areas according to our research have been violated in various ways some of which include; Widow inheritance, Widow disinheritance of property, and widow stigmatization.


  1. Creating awareness to let women, girls, men and boys know about all forms of Gender Based violence there is so as they can confidently speak against it.
  2. Raise awareness on the Toll-free Numbers and safe houses where the victims/survivors of Gender Based Violence can seek help.
  3. Create awareness on other organizations that assist in fighting Gender Based Violence.
  4. Introduce Male Champions (He or She): A lot of men are the custodians of culture we plan to introduce he for she champions to help us in uprooting this harmful culture especially through Civic Education in local dialects and involve council of elders to become male champions because they are highly regarded.


At the end of the events and seminars held the organization aims to achieve the following:

  1. Participants will help disseminate the gathered information on Gender Based Violence and how to stop it and this help reach and make a lot of impact on the grassroot level.
  2. The seminars will help the participants present to understand the role of duty bearers such as the police who offer p3 forms and are at times expected to appear as witnesses in court.
  3. The participants will get the know-how of where to seek justice and shelter whenever their rights are violated.
  4. The participants will acquire knowledge on the government Affirmative Funds that they can employ as loans and be economically empowered.
  5. By having some of the survivors of Gender Based Violence share their experiences during the events it will encourage other participants going through Gender Based Violence in silence to also speak out.
  6. Men raising their voices to protect widows and their children since they are custodians of culture as well as call on others to respect women and girls.