Food Distribution to Widows in Luckysummmer, NAIROBi

Food Distribution to Widows in Luckysummmer, NAIROBi

On Monday 6th of December 2021, Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization in conjunction with Widows Empowerment Initiative for Africa held a very short event with the widow who were in groups. The aim was to distribute food hampers to the widows to cater for their basic needs for the next few days. Come Together Widow and Orphans Organization (CTWOO)team present were Mr. Fredrick, George and Caroline. We had six widows’ groups present; they were Vision Sisters, Babadogo widows, Seline widows, Mathare North widows, Commander widows and Centaury widows.

Mr. Fredrick arrived at the venue early in morning so that he can have the food hampers ready and to have the venue organized and to welcome the widows who were being expected. As the other CTWOO members arrived the venue was already arranged. what followed was to request the widows to sit in their respective groups for easy registration. We did the registration of the 57 widows as from 10:00 to around 10:30 am. After registration of the widow the CTWOO team introduced themselves to the widows.

Food Distribution

Mr. Fredrick gave directives on how the food hampers were going to be distributed. Each widows group got the food hampers that was enough for the members who were present and those who were not present. To avoid confusion on who have received and who have not, the widows were to leave the grounds immediately before we start issuing the hampers to the next group. One member from all the groups present gave a vote of thanks on behalf of her group members. The widows thanked us and asked if we could do that frequently since some of them have problems getting something to put on their table.


After distributing the hamper to all the widows present, they departed at their own time.  At around noon, Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization team packed all their belongings and left the ground after everyone


The food distribution event was successful and the widows could not hide their happiness as they departed carrying the food hamper they had received. However, there was a little bit of misunderstanding between the CTWOO team and one of the widows’ groups. This came up after all the members present in that group failed to get the food hampers since they were less with around seven. The complaint was why we could not prioritize them first and yet they have been Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization members. This was resolved in time and everything come back to order even if some widows went home lamenting about the situation.