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Serving the interests of our clients. Personalized support and relationships International Widows Day works to encourage action in achieving full rights for widows, highlighting the need for more research and statistics into violence, discrimination and poverty suffered by widows and develop policies and programmes to address the problem.

“Empowering Widows Through Vocational Skills Training “

International Widows day 2018 theme

The ultimate goal of the day is to develop resources and policy to empower widows and allow them to have access to education, work, healthcare and lives free of violence and abuse. Enabling them to create a life for themselves and their children following the death of their husband and ending a cycle of poverty and abuse. We at Cometogether Widows And Orphans Organization partnered with State Department Of Gender Affairs ,Ministry Of Education, Unclaimed Assets Authority  and UNWOMEN Kenya to ensure No Widow was left behind during International widows day 2018 whose theme was “Empowering Widows Through Vocational Skills Training “

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