Legal Aid Clinic Held at CTWOO Offices on 25th – 26th March 2021

Legal Aid Clinic Held at CTWOO Offices on 25th – 26th March 2021

Legal awareness is important, especially for vulnerable groups like widows. Before covid, CTWOO took part in Legal awareness by visiting groups and organizing seminars where members would benefit from civic education from its legal representative as well as other invited partners including the federation for women lawyers and the office of the ombudsman. However, when covid 19 struck, the organization moved its legal awareness to its social media platforms. Apart from social media platforms, the organization organizes appointments for widows with the legal representative for solutions on their legal issues.

 Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization envisions a society in which social justice, happiness, prosperity and human rights are guaranteed for every widow, survivor of Gender-Based Violence and orphans in Kenya. For this reason, CTWOO organized a legal aid clinic on the 25th and 26th march 2021, inviting three advocates of the high court to provide services. The objective of the Legal aid clinic was to promote the vision of the organization by extending legal literacy and awareness to widowed members of the society. Widows were advised on various aspects of the law and civic education.

No. of advocates involved2
Advocates involvedAdv. Grishon Wainaina & Adv. Paul Mugwe
Total No. of widows served11
Type of issues addressedProperty, succession, fraud, complaints against advocates
No. of issues taken up by the advocates2


On this day, Wakili Onsongo had been invited to meet the widows and advise them on the issues they had been facing. However, he was not available due to unavoidable circumstances. Consequently, some of the widows who had not arrived were requested to come the next day, while those who arrived were served by our legal representative. Matters handled on this day involved complaints against advocates, where our legal representative committed herself to follow up on the matter, and in the most extreme case, she would forward the matter to the advocates complaints commission.


On this day, widows were lucky to receive free advice and awareness on legal matters. Participants on this day had come with issues regarding property, succession and fraud. Apart from meeting the advocates, the widows also met CTWOO’s legal representative to provide feedback on their satisfaction of services offered. The organization is glad to report that the Legal Aid clinic was a success as all participants went home satisfied with the services they received.


Apart from receiving legal aid, participants were all sensitized on other services that the organization offers, as well as partnerships the organization has secured to ensure our members are supported economically and socially.