Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program

Our organisation is committed to supporting orphans and vulnerable children. Upon death of our widow-members, we take care of their children(orphans). This is because we understand that the children have gone through several challenges throughout the time when their surviving parent was alive. Through widow disinheritance, most widow-headed families are left homeless and living in abject poverty.

These conditions expose their children to extreme vulnerability. Consequently, the challenges faced by these children upon the death of their mother are unimaginable. Our organisation comes in to ensure that the children continue to access basic needs and education. Consequently, we have reached out and maintained partners like the Affecto Foundation to ensure that beneficiaries of our orphans and vulnerable children program receive quality education and are mentored. Our orphans’ program has a wide variety of activities on inspiration and empowerment.

So far, CTWOO has been able to take care of and successfully take through 43 students orphaned and vulnerable children to school where it caters for their fees, uniforms and stationery. Some of these children are from abusive families, abandoned and needy therefore we take it upon ourselves to ensure they have fulfilled lives. The following are some of the activities carried out in this program.


We reach out to well-wishers to help in paying tuition fees, books and school uniforms. While providing them with these necessities, we also provide them with other basic necessities e.g., sanitary towels among others, to ensure that their education is not interrupted due to lack of such necessities.


During the holidays, we have a mentorship program for our beneficiaries, where we equip them with basic life skills. We also invite speakers who share their life experiences with the children for inspiration. Through the experiences, the children are motivated to work harder in school despite the challenges they face. In most of our mentorship programs, we are in partnership with the Affecto Foundation

Outdoor Activities

This includes educational trips, organizing games and events for them to make them feel loved and appreciated.


Together with other partners we donate shoes and socks to school going vulnerable children who live in children homes.