Osilingi Lookolia widows’ group A.G.m in OLoitoktok

Osilingi Lookolia widows’ group A.G.m in OLoitoktok

Osilingi Lookolia widows’ group Annual General Meeting in OLoitoktok- Kajiado South Constituency, Kajiado County.

Osilingi Lookolia Group is a widows group situated in Kimana-Oloitoktok. Osilingi Lookolia or Osilingi Lenkolai simply means ‘Hope for widows’. The group has 45 active members. The widows formed the group when Covid-19 hit the country hard. This group has been under the watch of Hope Beyond Foundation, whose directors are Mr. and Mrs. John Parit.

It annually holds a meeting to celebrate and reflect on the group’s achievements that they have made throughout the year. They also focus on areas of improvement so that they can grow more and benefit more from the group. The main activity the group does is Table Banking. This year Ms. Dianah Kamande graced the event as the Chief Guest invited by Mr. and Mrs. John Parit.

Osilingi Lookolia widows’ group has grown from zero cash and now rotates hundreds of thousands amongst them through table banking from support received from Mr. John Parit who is the aspiring Member of Parliament 2022 in Kajiado South. Mr. John Parit through Hope Beyond Foundation boosted the group savings with KES 100,000.

The group has also benefitted from Brook Bank. They were trained on Brook Bank by Come Together Widows Organization (CTWOO), Programs Manager Mr. Fredrick Onyambu, in November 2020. They benefitted from it the same year.

This is a project by Global Fund for Widows initiated by CTWOO.  The group has accumulated a total of KES 419,300. The good news is that every widow took home KES 20,000 which is a great milestone.

The money has empowered them economically and they are now able to set up businesses such cattle rearing for sale, green groceries kiosks, pay for their children’s school fees and cater for their day-to-day needs.

Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization thanked Heather Ibrahims For making widows matter through the brook bank project, which has empowered Osilingi Lookolia widows economically.

Also thanked Hope Beyond Foundation for inviting other like-minded organizations to join hands, the support that has given the group, and also adding up to their savings.

Ms. Dianah Kamande also thanked the Osilingi Lookolia widows for proving to other widows that they are capable and making the stakeholders proud.

They have proven to other widows out there that they are capable and it is possible to double or triple the funds you get boosted with.