SURVIVORS OF gender based violence

Dianah Kamande, is the founder of Cometogether widows and orphans organization which also supports survivors of Gender Violence speaking in the burial of the late Salome Mukuhi who was burned using petrol by her husband.

Dianah insisted on breaking the Culture of silence on Gender Based violence issues and encouraged people to speak out. She further explained the cycle of violence.

Activities under the Survivors of gender Based Violence

  1. Prevention and Management of Gender Based Violence; we have partnered with FIDA, Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) and law society of Kenya to provide access to justice and medical services for survivors and advocacy on social media, print media, television to reduce Gender Based Violence.
  2. Psychosocial support– we provide psychosocial support to survivors of Gender based Violence and Widows. Once a woman is widowed, she is lost in loss and grief. Our team offers support through our office line 0702577477/ 0789577476.
  3. Hospital visits: – We are in the front line to pay survivors visits and to hug them just to remind them to be positive about life and concentrate on their healing as we assist them in getting justic Through this Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good health and wellbeing is achieved.
  4. Referrals: For us to achieve Sustainable Development Goal no:17, with partnerships to achieve the Goal we work closely with Health Care Assistance Kenya who are the founders of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) toll free number 1195. Anytime we receive SBGV case we refer the survivor/victim to call that number for referral to Nairobi Women’s GVRC (gender Violence Recovery Centre), safe house and Ambulance hence strong partnership has led us to achieve other Sustainable Development Goals. We work closely with FIDA-Kenya who provides pro bono legal advice to our widows. Our partnership with Global Fund for Widows has supported Widows table banking activities.
  5. Empowerment: – We empower survivors get knowledge on how to start business and also link them to Women Enterprise Fund, Uwezo Fund, National Government Affirmative Action Fund, Saccos where they receive group funding and start-up capital for their business this helps them to become independent and support their families.


Widowhood is highly associated with Gender Based Violence in many ways and the major contributing factors are the harmful traditional practices dominant in our societies. Widows are highly vulnerable to violence some immediately after the husband’s death with the relatives and wider community as the perpetrators. The most common types of violence are physical and verbal abuse, social expulsion and forced re-marriage (inheritance). The cause of violence against widows is the fact that together with their children, widows are viewed as an economic burden and sometimes are seen as the reason to their husband’s death.

The following are some of the challenges facing widows;