Valentine’s Day for Widows and Widowers on 14th February 2022 In Kahumbu Ward Kigumo Constituency, Muranga County

Valentine’s Day for Widows and Widowers on 14th February 2022 In Kahumbu Ward Kigumo Constituency, Muranga County

On 14th February 2022 we attended a valentine’s day event organized by Women Representative, Muranga County Hon. Sabina Wanjiru Chege led by her manager Titus Wairate with a theme: Making widows/ers matter the total number of widows and widowers who attended were 154(one hundred and fifty-four). 

The key activities of the day included:

We arrived at the venue around 11.30 AM and the event began immediately. The Master of Ceremony, Titus Wairate recognized the guests present and welcomed the guests to give their speeches in the following order.


Mrs. Kiama giving her speech.

Mrs. Kiama began by greeting the audience. She talked about the challenges widows and widowers face including accusations of bewitching their husbands after demise, disinheritance, Gender Based Violence and forced evictions. She encouraged the widows and widowers to be role models to their children and empower themselves economically.


Madam Beatrice Muthoni Gender Officer, Murang’a County giving her speech.

Madam Beatrice said that in partnership with area chiefs in the county they have been working towards addressing all gender issues such as Gender based violence regardless of individual gender. She gave out government toll free number, 1195 which residents can call for gender issues assistance.


Madam Beth Waithera talking to the audience.

She encouraged widows and widowers to be strong and believe in God. She went ahead to thank widows and widowers for coming together to address their issues as a team. She concluded by welcoming the chief guest Madam Dianah Kamande, HSC, Founder CTWOO.


Ms. Dianah Kamande, HSC, Founder CTWOO giving SCARS OF HONOUR book.

Madam Dianah began by thanking all the guests and participants for attending the event. She welcomed Pastor Rose Ndunge, Esther Wagura (CEO LESEDI HOMES) and Pastor Pauline Kanini who shared their stories as widows. Madam Dianah went ahead to share her own experience as a Gender Based Violence Survivor and later as a widow who faced challenges such as disinheritance, accusations for murder but later emerged as a champion for widows and she encouraged widows and widowers to form groups in order to reach out for assistance. She concluded by giving out her 200 books which consists of her story and words of encouragement for all.

National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) in partnership with Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization (CTWOO) distributed over 15 water tanks to aged individuals from various groups of widows and widowers and distributed food hampers to all widows and widowers that had attended the Kahumbu Ward 2022 Valentine’s event.

Ms. Dianah Kamande, HSC distributing food hampers and water tanks to widows and widowers


  1. False accusations of bewitching and killing their husbands.
  2. Forced evictions from their matrimonial homes.
  3. Disinheritance by in- laws.


The event was a success with over 200 people receiving SCARS OF HONOUR books authored by Ms. Dianah Kamande, HSC, Founder CTWOO, all participants present received food hampers and left happy and aged received water tanks courtesy of NGAAF and CTWOO.  Some of the challenges raised by widows and widowers, CTWOO promised to address them but the widows and widowers should be register groups for them to be easily accessed.