Victorious Widows Group Training on Brookbank Held at Zimmerman on 25th February,2022

Victorious Widows Group Training on Brookbank Held at Zimmerman on 25th February,2022

ON 25TH February,2022 four CTWOO staff members visited victorious widows group an event organized by Come Together Widows and Orphans’ organization (CTWOO) with an aim of training them on Brook bank an initiative by Global Fund for Widows in partnership with CTWOO which mainly aims at enabling widows to become economically stable hence achieving sustainable development goal no. 1 on poverty eradication and SDG no. 8 on decent work and economic growth. The total number of widows present were eight although their chairperson stated that they are thirteen with only ten active members

Key activities included;

 The chairperson madam Esther Munyani stated that they began the group July, 2020 with the aim of helping each other in terms of sharing social life ideas which can build them and having economic activities where they do table banking and merry go round with an aim of starting a project which will help them as widows. She also said that they save two hundred and above according to the individual capability. madam Esther concluded by saying that they joined CTWOO in order to be assisted achieve their goal of coming up with their own helpful project.

Brook bank training.

Mr Fredrick began by illustrating to the group of widows what the organization does and the partners the organization is working with such as FIDA -Kenya, CREAW Kenya and stressed more on Global Fund for Widows which came up with Brook bank where he informed them that it is a financial empowerment program for widows to gain access to capital in order to launch micro-enterprises and was founded by Heather Ibrahim- Leathers the president of Global Funds for Widows (GFW). Once widows invest in their own Brook bank, Global Funds for Widows matches each investment in the ratio of 2:1 then give them the whole amount after matching their investment. he went further to demonstrate to the group how Brook bank works and highlighted some of the objectives of Brook bank such as; To pprovide the most vulnerable widows with loans and savings used to increase their income-generating abilities and widows to have financial security.

victorious widows’ group after receiving training on Brook bank

Mr Fredrick concluded by stating that CTWOO mainly advocates for justice more so to the widows and if anyone of the group members had issues should approach the organization through a phone call or visit the offices since it will ensure that they get the help they desire as quickly as possible and promised that CTWOO will continue helping victorious widows’ group The chairperson madam Esther Munyangi and the treasurer madam Elizabeth Ndunge gave vote of thanks to CTWOO team for visiting them and offering training. they went further to appreciate Global Fund for Widows and said that they will commit to their objectives for them to be able to grow economically since they are intending to support them.


The training was a success with eight widows in victorious widows group getting the skills of brook bank and how best it is going to helping them since most of them claimed to be business oriented and wished to either start their own businesses or expand the business which they were doing.  Mr Fredrick also recommended them that they should trust one another for them to grow their group and reach the level they are dreaming of in the future.