Widows Programmes

We support abused widows under the following programs

  1. Widows economic empowerment projects
  2. Widows civic education on family and business management
  3. Financial empowerment- how to access government funding, cooperate social responsibility. Once they get the government funding they use it for table banking and grow it to a revolving fund which later grows into a Sacco where widows can access loans for business at a very low own interest.
  4. Counselling- we offer counselling services through our office and also through our widows’ support groups countrywide.
  5. Advocacy- we champion for widows’ rights around the country
  6. Agriculture- we have partnered with our friends who have continued to offer our widows with farming skills and we have established farms where our widows support groups are working together growing food crops and commercial crops to empower themselves financially.

Orphans Programmes

We are currently caring for twenty-four (24) total and partial orphans. Some of these orphans are from families that never knew peace but sexual and Gender Based Violence when they land into our hands we first:- 

  • Love them
  • Provide Basic needs (Food, shelter and Clothings)
  • Education- we reach out to well wishers to help in paying tuition fees, books and school uniforms.
  • Health services- we take care of the orphans who are infected by HIV/AIDS by their late parents. We ensure they get their drugs ad eat balanced diet food.

Safe House:  We provide safe house for the abused and neglected total orphans, partial orphans and vulnerable orphans.

Feeding programme: We feed all children who come into our lives and also we extend our love by feeding children born in prisons, street children and other vulnerable children in our society.

FOR LIST OF ORPHANS [Click here to Read More]

Survivor of Gender Based Violence Programmes

  1. Psychosocial support- we provide psychosocial support to survivors of Gender based Violence
  2. Prevention and Management of Gender Based Violence;  we have partnered with FIDA and law society of Kenya to provide access to justice and medical services for survivor and advocacy on social media, print media, television to reduce Gender Based Violence.
  3. Referrals: We work closely with Health Care Assistance Kenya who are the founders of SGBV toll free number 1195. Anytime we receive SBGV case we refer the survivor/victim to call that number for referral to Nairobi Women’s GVRC (gender Violence Recovery Centre), sae house and Ambulance.
  4. Hospital visits:- We are in the front line to pay survivors visits and to hug them just to remind them to be positive about life and concentrate on their healing as we assist them in getting justice.
  5. Empowerment:- We empower survivors get knowledge on how to start business and also link them to Women Enterprise Fund, Uwezo Fund, National Government Affirmative Action Fund, Saccos where they receive group funding and start-up capital for their business this helps them to become independent and support their families.

Consultancy Services

Poverty, neglect, abuse has a feminine appearance in our county. Widows have been more affected by this because they are dual marginalized women.

Our consultancy services at Come Together Widows & Orphans International are:-

  1. Legal support for Survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV), Widows and Orphans
  2. Psycho-social support, loss and grief sharing
  3. Project management consulting, training, & Project Team services
  4. Digital marketing for non-profit organization
  5. Project fundraising proposals