Widows Graduation 2021 at Murema Primary School Grounds Kasarani

Widows Graduation 2021 at Murema Primary School Grounds Kasarani

On Saturday 4th Dec 2021, Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization in conjunction with Bethel Widows and Orphans Organization held widows’ graduation ceremony for the widows who had excelled in dress making as well as hair dressing skills. The event was graced to have Madam Dianah Kamande (founder Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization) who was the chief guest, Pastor Pauline (founder of God is able widows Organization) as well as the area chief who contributed in the success of the day.

The event started with the registration of the widows who were arriving at the venue. We registered them from 9.00 a.m. up to 12 noon where the master of ceremony started the event officially by calling all the people who had already arrived in order. The event was opened by a prayer session where we were led by prayers and songs.

The next thing was entertainment from different groups which included; Bethel champions (bethel widows’ children), the graduates, widows as well as Revival voices choir. They all entertained the congregation with song presentations.

Presentation by leaders

The entertainment session ended at 1:30 p.m.  after which the introduction of the different leaders who were present was done. Master of ceremony started by introducing Rose (founder of Bethel widows and Orphans Organization) who represented all the leaders of Bethel in different areas. She begun by welcoming all who had arrived as well as thanking them for their presence. She narrated her widowhood journey that instilled her the need to start an organization that would cater for the well-being of the widows. She commented that Bethel widows and Orphans Organization have branches located in different areas; Mwiki, Chieko, Seasons.

Pastor Pauline the founder of Gods able widows Organization was the second to be given opportunity. She begun by Congratulation madam Rose, for her recommendable job of ensuring that widows are empowered economically. She concluded by congratulating the graduates.

Area sub chief took the next chance to speak to the congregation. He assured the widows of enough security of which he said it will be guaranteed if only they work together to identify those people who invade their security.

Aspiring political leaders who had come in the event were given a chance to talk to the congregation where they requested the people to support them in the coming election and afterwards, they will give back to them. They congratulated the graduates for their success in the hairdressing as well as dressmaking. They later gave the widows food hampers. 

Linda, who is our Lawyer at Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization was also given a chance to talk to the widows who were in that event in regard to the legal matter. She started by introducing herself, whereafter she briefed the widows about their legal rights. She enlightened them about where they are supposed to report incase of Gender Based Violence once subjected to. She concluded by giving out our office`s number where they can seek assistance in case, they need to be assisted.

The peak of the event came, where the master of ceremony welcomed Madam Dianah Kamande, the chief guest who to address the congregation as well issuing certificate to the graduates. She started by welcoming everyone to the day`s graduation ceremony. She congratulated madam Rose for her good work and her effort in ensuring that the well being of the widows is catered for. She said that, that was the second graduation so far since it started last year 2020.She later welcomed all the graduates and issued them certificate of completion as well as congratulating them for the good and smart work done. She gave them `SCARS OF HONOUR` on of her books as a way of appreciating them.


The graduation event was successful since a good number of people turned up as planned regardless of the harsh weather condition on that day. Graduates were issued with certificate of completion in their hair dressing and dressmaking courses. The event showed the recommendable job done in empowering widows economically for their future sustainability.