Widows Seminar At Nyayo Grounds, Kamahuha, Muranga County

Widows Seminar At Nyayo Grounds, Kamahuha, Muranga County

On the 10th of December 2021, Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization was invited to attend a widow’s seminar that was held at Nyayo grounds, Kamahuha, Muranga county. The event was held by the county government of Muranga in collaboration with the office of the women representative, honorable Sabina Chege. The purpose was to bring all the widows in that constituency together and be educate on various issues which included the learning about Affirmative Funds, how to develop themselves individually, economically and socially. Representatives from the office of the women representative were in attendance, county social services representatives, gender office representatives and Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization and the SAKIKWA widows were in attendance.\

We arrived at the Nyayo grounds at around 3pm. Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization members present were, madam Diana, (Founder), Denis and Caroline. We started by registering at the venue and headed for the registration of the SAKIKWA widows who were already there since morning. Due to time, we were not able to register all the widows but we requested for the registration forms from the group leaders.

The registration was followed by a series of presentation from the widows who recited the poems and sang songs.


Mr Titus, who was the master of ceremony invited all the guest who were to speak to give their remarks on the event.


The chairlady of SAKIKWA group started by welcome the guest of honor, madam Diana kamande. She later talked about SAKIKWA widows where she mentioned that the name SAKIKWA is an acronym meaning that the group comprised of various widows’ group. She stated that they come up with the group so that they could raise their economic status. Their aim is to make sure that each widow is financially stable to cater for their day-to-day need.


Madam Beatrice is a Gender officer Muranga county. She talked about the 16 days of activism where she encouraged the widows to take care of their girls’ and advised them not to send them to shopping centers at night to reduce the rape cases being reported. She explained to the widows about the forms of gender-based violence and also gave them a toll-free number to call when they experience violence of any kind. She encouraged the widows to be in the forefront in reporting the cases whenever they come across them happening to those known and to those unknown. By so doing she informed them that they will be agents of change to bring up a good and peaceful society.


Madam faith is in charge of the social service in Kamahuha area. She encouraged to the widows to remain united and to focus of bettering their lives and not to focus on the past situations. She also encouraged the widows to register their groups so that they can be able to apply for the government funds provided by the government. She explained the process of registering the group and told them that she is going to support them in whatever they want to better their lives.


Our founder was welcomed very well by the widows who had high expectation to listen to madam. She started her speech by introducing the Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization members present.  She mentioned that she is a survivor of gender-based violence and gave out her life history that almost costed her life. She gave the story of all that transpired when she was undergoing treatment and how her in laws disinherited all that she had gathered in her marriage.

She further encouraged the widows not to just dwell in the past but rather wake up and wipe the dust and start their life a flesh since it is more important that anything. She encouraged the widows to apply for the Affirmative Action Funds provided by the government. She also dwelt on explaining to them about the Thamini Mjane which is a loan that is meant to cater for the widows’ issues alone. She explained on how they can apply for the funds and make use of it to empower themselves economically. She gave examples of our widow’s groups who have done exemplary good in their lives after receiving the government loans.


After all the speeches were done, some widows were gifted with water tanks that were donated by honorable Sabina Chege. They were also issued with a packet of flour to cater for their festive season. The widows were very grateful and asked if all the visitors present would always visit them frequently and gift them with some basic needs.


After the issuing of the tanks, SAKIKWA widow’s chairlady gave a vote of thanks and finally Mr. Titus ended the seminar and all the guest were free to leave at their own time. Come Together widows and orphans and organization members left the grounds at around 6:30 pm headed back to Nairobi.