About Us

The CTWOO is a membership organization registered in Kenya under the NGO Co-ordination Board Act (Cap 19) of 1990 since January 2016.  It has a nationwide network and works with more than a million widows in all the 47 Counties through outreach, educational and empowerment programmes which include:

  • Economic empowerment through cottage industries (beadwork, knitting, crochet, etc), uptake of government funds set aside for women, where we team up with government ministries and agencies to expose widows to the funds
  • Entrepreneurial skills development and education for widows
  • Legal and rights education where we team up with partners with legal expertise
  • Psycho-social support to the Gender Based Violence survivors, where we link them to partners who offer safe houses, medical support and counselling
  • Advocacy for widows' visibility and rights and where, for example, we have developed a Widows Draft Bill to be presented to Parliament. It seeks to align the widows situation with the Kenya Constitution's Bill of Rights
  • Education for poor orphans, where it reaches out to well wishers for assistance and sponsorship
  • Education and Outreach through all media and outreach activities such as exchange visits to share and learn from different experiences


  • To advocate against harmful cultural and traditional practices that violate widows’ rights through the creation of awareness in communities by 2020.
  • To develop and lobby for legislation that ensures that  widows take their rightful place in society by 2022
  • To work with relevant partners to assist widows in sorting out their legal challenges
  •  To raise awareness and sensitize widows on the various government funds and initiatives that promote women’s economic well being
  • To link widows with various institutions set up to assist Kenyans to successfully follow up and reclaim their rightful unclaimed assets.
  • To equip widows with adequate entrepreneurial skills
  • To create, maintain and sustain useful networks and platforms that support widows' empowerment.


Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization has been active in all the Counties, working with meagre resources from support of members and well wishers. Some of its achievements include:

  • Drafted and presented the Widows Bill to government 
  • Awareness creation on the plight of widows in Kenya through Media (Print, Televisions, Radios, Social Media, etc)
  • Nationwide outreach activities resulting in the formation and operationalization of widows' groups where they now run Economic Empowerment Programmes, receive Psychosocial Support and share experiences through Grief Sharing Platforms
  • For the first time in Kenya, Widows were represented in the Commission on the Status on Women (CSW62) in New York by CTWOO (Dianah Kamande) who was part of the state delegation
  • The CWTOO now represents and organizes on behalf of widows in various platforms.  For example it participates fully in the organization of days and events that focus on widows such as the National and International Widows' days, educational platforms on government initiated funds, religious and cultural forums as well as represent widows international fora.