Orphans and Vulnerable CHildren

We believe in investing in our children. Our children whether orphaned or vulnerable are the leaders of tomorrow. So many Orphans and Vulnerable children who lack support for their tuition fees end up in streets due to lack of Shelter or Hostility back at home from relatives who have housed them, they also seek for early child labour to help them pay for their own tuition fees, food and clothing.

Cometogether Widows and Orphans Organization reaches out to well wishers, churches, organizations and other friends to help us keep our children in school.

By achieving Sustainable Development Goal No:4, Quality Education Cometogether Widows and Orphans Organization has been able to take care and successfully take through 41 students orphaned and partial orphans to school where we cater for their fees, uniforms and stationery. Some of these children are from abusive families, abandoned and needy therefore we take it upon ourselves to ensure they have fulfilled lives.

  1. Partially or fully paying for their tuition fees which is determined By the grade they are in and  whether it’s a Boarding or Day School.
  2. Donating food items, clothes, shoes, toys and medication through offering free medical camps.
  3. We provide our children with basic necessities like sanitary towels, which keep our girls in school.
  4. Together with other like-minded organizations, we offer mentorship in schools, where we provide reading materials that will mold them into all-rounded citizens.
  5. Praying for them, as we know prayer unlocks so many situations.